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Add any of these spa services to a massage or to create your own package. More is always better!

Reflexology for Feet or Hands                       $40

  • Peppermint Foot Soak with Feet
  • Paraffin Wax Treatment with Hands

Reduces stress and tension throughout the meridians of your body. Blood and lymph circulation improves. All your systems mapping in your body are affected.  Unblock negative energy on certain accupressure points that are found in the feet and hands. Eliminate congestion, crystallizations and toxins.

Therapeutic Sauna Treatment                     $18

Helps relieve pain and muscle aches, burn up to 900 calories in 30 minutes, eliminate toxins, anti-aging, beauty, and softer skin.  Reduces cellulite and minimizes scars. Plus many more health benefits attributed to infrared ray treatments.  Safe, private and enjoyable listening to the relaxing sounds of ocean waves.

Exfoliation and Toning (30 min.)               $30

Great for targeting loose skin around the mid-abdominal section, arms, or legs. Helps reduce the cellulite appearance. You choose where you would like to feel softer and look smoother!

Aloe Vera Face Gel Hydration Wrap           $15

Ideal quality product used for those who suffer with sensitive and dry skin.  Nourishes and provides lasting hydration.  A thick rich Aloe Vera Gel is applied then wrapped with a hot cloth to activate properties.  After, a rich lotion or thick cream both containing Aloe is applied to seal for that supple tingling sensation.  You will feel the difference instantly!

 Paraffin Wax Treatment

  • Hands                                                    $10
  • Feet                                                       $10
  • Both                                                      $16

Hands and/or Feet are dipped several times in quality grade wax paraffin kept in a medical paraffin unit allowing a safe and comfortable experience.  Paraffin wax releases therapeutic and moisterizing properties, making the areas soft and feeling sensationally great.

Hand Exfoliation Scrub with Rich Hand Butter Cream                                  $18                                        

We have a variety of matching scents that you can choose from.  The hand scrub exfoliates wonderfully leaving them looking and feeling younger.  Then we top it off with a rich butter cream that heals making them feel soft and hydrated.  Pamper yourself!

Peppermint Foot Soak                             $8                   

Add a sizzling splash of rich pure peppermint essential oil to a foot soaker with bubbling jets.  This aromatic scent will invigorate and refresh you and your tired feet.  A great add on to any service.



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